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Resource Development & Innovation (RDI)

Resource Development & Innovation (RDI)
1250 West Broadway Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55411
o: 612.668.0213
f: 612.668.0485
e: rdi@mpls.k12.mn.us

Public and private grants are a critical source of revenue for the Minneapolis Public Schools. Nearly 12 percent of the annual budget for the school district is derived from competitive grants and entitlement programs. During this climate of national and local economic decline, it is very important that MPS staff submit the strongest possible grant applications. Grant programs are extremely competitive now because the pool of money available for grants has declined and the number of organizations seeking grant support has risen.

Staff of the MPS Office of Resource Development and Innovation (RDI) are here to help you submit the strongest possible grant proposals. The office is responsible for coordinating and managing the pre-award and post-award processes for all public and private grant proposals submitted by the school district, its departments and its schools. Services for school and department staff include the following:
  1. Prospecting for potential donors and matching potential donors with district and school needs;
  2. Assisting schools and departments with developing and submitting grant proposals;
  3. Obtaining authorized MPS and AchieveMpls signatures;
  4. Preparing attachments and assurances required by the funder;
  5. Submitting additional information requested by the funder;
  6. Conducting final negotiations with funder once an award is approved;
  7. Supporting MPS grant managers as they implement the program/project and report back to funders about outcomes.

Once a grant has been approved and the paperwork is complete, the Office of Resource Development and Innovation works with MPS departments (including Finance/Budget, ITS and REA) as well as MPS leadership to ensure that the project is implemented according to the agreements set forth in the application.