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Minneapolis Public Schools has embarked on a $2.2 Million capital project to convert the football fields at Washburn High School and Patrick Henry High School to state of the art synthetic turf fields that can accommodate football, soccer and lacrosse. The advantages of synthetic turf include increased field availability, less wear and tear on other fields, minimal maintenance and water usage as well as the elimination of herbicides and pesticides to maintain the fields. Our goal is to complete the fundraising aspect of the capital project by late winter 2011 with field development beginning shortly thereafter.
An Auxiliary committee has been formed to drive this very important project. The committee is comprised of retired MPS athletics and recreation professional as well as MPS parent boosters and others. The project budget of $2.2 million will cover the cost of project development, drainage base, synthetic turf and installation. in addition, gated fencing, sponsorship signage for fences, and fundraising costs are included in the project budget. Funds are being solicited from foundations, corporations, individuals, businesses, and government agencies to achieve the goal. We ask that you help us reach our goal to provide first class playing fields for our students and for the Minneapolis community.

Why Turf Fields?

The current conditions of MPS high school fields are difficult to maintain and can only stand so much usage. Our fields' current conditions that could be eliminated by installing synthetic turf include:

  • High maintenance costs to reseed high traffic areas, watering, fertilize
  • Uneven grounding that may cause impact injuries
  • Limited use due to maintenance
  • Bare (or balding) areas where grass cannot be grown

Benefits of Synthetic Turf Fields

  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • No watering, no mowing, no fertilizers or pesticides required
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Provides safe and uniform playing surface
  • Reduces impact injuries
  • Multipurpose usage
  • Host unlimited field events (football, soccer, lacrosse)
  • Dramatically increases field usage (virtually no down time)
  • Enhances MPS athletic reputation

Project Lead & Supporters

  • MPS Athletics Department
  • MPS Facilities Department
  • MPS Community Education
  • MPS Office of Resource Development & Innovation
  • AchieveMpls

Contact Us

Thuy Henderson
Program Assistant, Grants
Office of Resource Development and Innovation